2nd Chakra (from restaurant Life Alive, Lowell, MA)


So my uterus has an interest in the creative life
Though instead of churning poems like me
It set out to produce fibroids
Those berry-shaped (some citrus-sized) gratuitous growths

And would you know that
My ovaries are equally zealous!
Growing out graceful fluid-filled cysts
Whose translucent membrane sometimes burst or twist

What is going on down there?
What with that creative frenzy
In the crimson recesses of my belly
What with the fruit-like shapes?

Could I suggest an MFA instead, or a blog,
Stories, poems, anything less hurtful?
What do my organs know about dead-end jobs and relationships anyway?
I like my job, thank you very much,
And as regards my relationships, it is not that bad at all.

Reader this may be TMI for you
But if all they need is some recognition
Of their existence, so be it. Let’s give them a round of applause.
There you go – you can stop now.

“Christiane Northrup believes fibroids represent creativity that was never birthed. She talks about dead-end jobs and relationships, and conflicts about reproduction and motherhood.” gleaned from the WWW.

Photo credits: me!@ Artwork at the Life Alive restaurant in Lowell, MA. Looks like the 2nd chakra to me.

5 thoughts on “CREATIVE LIFE

  1. As-tu déjà eu une rose des sables…? On dit qu’elle représente l’unité de toute cette multiplicité.
    C’est une pierre de centrage. “Elle symbolise la multiplicité des grains rassemblés en une unité harmonieuse mais éphémère: avec le temps les grains retournent au sable.”


    • Oui, ça me rappelle quelque-chose. Il y a longtemps.
      En effet, très belle image de l’impermanence. Et toutes ces créations en-ligne, ça ne me parait pas très solide ni durable! 🙂


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