CONTRE NATURE OR &%#$$#@@#!!!

I do not use nearly enough fucking swear words
I don’t even know many
I am too fucking polite!
Because I was raised to be meek
Afraid of retaliation


So does that mean
I will never write hard-hitting,
Powerful writing?


What if I tried to insert some of that freaking shit
in my poems?
If I started to use “shitass” and “bitch”
Would it sound spicy and exciting?
Eyebrow-raising and delighting?
Or would I sound hilarious
Instead of passionate and crazy

I have to admit it feels good
to give the finger, in general, to no-one in particular
it makes my inner school-girl giggle
and wiggle her toes
inside her goody-two shoes.

I’d need to try and go further
Stretch my limits
Try to find someone to hate
Or to be afraid of, and call it Asshole!
Cock-sucker, Motherfucker!
I’d need to start seeing men and women in a different light
Maybe start bitching about those bitches myself.

Why do I think I’d look smarter, more powerful?
It takes a lot of hate
To call someone Motherfucker

And it seems to me grossly deprived
Of emotional intelligence.

And I like to write about beautiful things!


Dear reader, I have been writing this week. Yes I have. But some of my creations I am not ready to publish. Some things have to stay private. Yes, I am cultivating a secret garden as well. So because I keep my promises, here is a poem which is not entirely new.  It dates from the time I was trying to set up this blog. And maybe cursing helped since you are reading it in these pages.

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