St Sulpice
Please forgive us for looking for you
Fumbling through incense smoke and dim candlelight
Some of us kneel and beg
When we can’t take it anymore
And it makes us feel better
I think it’s high time you unveil yourself
We try to do it through science
A little science, a lot of science
Still you don’t help us make it clear
If we should say YOU, HE or I
Shit God, you don’t make it easy
All we want is to understand
The ultimate coping mechanism
For our human predicament
If we only knew for good, we could live a proper life!
But we all have to wait
Till You are ready and willing
In the meantime
Not only we suffer
But knock at all the wrong doors
Most of the time.
One door closes, another one opens.
When we have the final answer
Will we need it anymore?
I’ll take that Love is the answer.

 * * *

Nothing very deep, I just like this photo I took this past summer in Paris.

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