The Company of Mozart

Flower wreath

I have a Mozart phrase to keep me company
To adorn this minor storm
With a garland of flowers
On this lovely day
The opposite to the crown of thorns
Of my own suffering

Concerto for piano No 23 in A
This phrase
The summer wreath on the open door
Through which the hydrangea appear
In the drizzle, the window panes of the house across the yard
Isn’t it lovely?
Isn’t it a beautiful movie,
Me writing on the notebook
Propped up at the cat tower
Because I couldn’t bear to
Wait a minute to write?

Mozart’s pain rises
The sum of his guilt and torments
Who is watching me now?
Why this sudden peace?
This sudden release
Of the clamp on my mind.
Mozart, my companion in suffering!


Here is my post for the week, a little break in the promised list. I wrote this one a while ago, but I still like it.


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