Cleaning my desk, in a notebook, I found an “old” poem from 2016 which brought back memories of a sweet little city cat called Mniska:


I’ve never been to Seattle although
If someone were to ask me I’d say yes
I am quite acquainted with your address
Every day now in words and sights we go
And hear Green Lake, the Sound, or puddles flow.

I’d reveal I had Mniska for a guide
Glanced up at spider webs stretching above
Trotted in wetted grass to get rid of
A rat, and then dashed to 5th street curbside
Swiftly before crawling back to my love.

I followed you in many coffee-shops
Across the Sound and then back to your room
Where you take off your conductor’s costume
And mail me stories about Greek cyclops.

March 30, 2016
Cat in the city


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